22 May 2008

The Best Defender in the NBA?

A recent article written by Stan McNeal of the Sporting News Magazine evaluated the best perimeter defenders in the NBA. He listed the following six players:

1. Bruce Bowen
2. Tayshaun Prince
3. Raja Bell
4. James Posey
5. Kobe Bryant/LeBron James

Now, most of these players are great defenders. Posey and James are good, but not great. But where in the name of our good Lord is Ron Artest?!? Ron-Ron is far and away the best perimeter defender in the NBA. Artest is one of the few players that can defend any position on the floor. His quickness and basketball I.Q. allow him to contain point guards, he can naturally guard shooting guards, small forwards, and power forwards; and he is strong enough to defend the center position during lockdown moments at the end of games.

Ask LeBron James or Kobe Bryant who they would want to face the least and the answer is Ron Artest. While his antics may overshadow his talent, his talent is still far and away better than the six given on Stan's list.

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BJ Stockman said...

Where is your thesis? I await with gleeful anticipation....