02 May 2011

01 05 11

meet me jesus, behind the door
the one that leads to the dusty floor

walk on in, dark as hell
used to flip flap-jacks right in that knell

but not tonight, it's up on the wall
shiny red metallic glistens in the moonlight

pull the trigger, blow that shit
spray it everywhere, everywhere, everywhere

wild faces, jumping around
screaming, yelping, just clowns on the town

out the window, jump on down
hit it hard, get right back up, run

main street is short, cut across the bridge
down near the creek bed stop and take a breath

american fields of play, it's got to be real
the dawn approaches and we think we see the son

the morning glory's failed us, too wise not to despair
the angels sing a chorus and we kill the fucking scum.

bye. bye.

it feels pretty good up here ...

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