17 April 2010

the day i tried to die ...

is honesty all that hard to come by,
forthrightness in a sea of maybes

to ask and not to tell,
to give all and to quell ...
a sea of desire and long lost camaraderie
it's all been decided beforehand,
and i'm lost in the process

to be seen, but not be heard
the word of children
subsumes the conversation
and truth never bubbles to the surface ... as it should

one word, once spoken, forever broken
never told, was it once?

i'll take you around the trying
to give and to have and to hold
another subject willing,
but another year's spellbound in the mold

of love, of trust, of states of breath
and i'll hold this ammunition
i'll hold it tight around my neck
to gasp, a last 'i told you so'

yet it doesn't seem to complicate
the simplicity, with which you choose to lie

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