28 April 2010

picture me rollin' ... am i clear to you?

Our valiant warrior, hero
dismissed, weakened, despaired
residual loss and consequence
a textbook analysis of the cross

How close can we get
to an understanding
no lack, no void to guide us
to build a life of inspiration

He bends down, tired of carrying it all
it fell, and he falls
down, down, down

No forever, no beginning
a loss of substance says it all
to melt away the hardened edge
to glimpse the sweet surrender

To travel toward something
together ... not in the jest of things
so in the absence of certainty we slither into
the colorful colors of spring

He bends down, tired of carrying in full
it fell and he stops
down, down, down

To take another approach
to begin with a weekend morning
in mourning, taking a breath
but your eyes don't cloud your perspective

And so we coalesce in the night
excited, fatigued, running up the walls of improbability
takin' it up, takin' it in
surrounded by the beats that shake us

He bends down, tired of carrying the load
it fell and he supposes
down, down, down

Almost careless in the palm
so how many hands keep laying on
the prayer to god that falls beside
until we realize ... it falls inside

All I ever wanted was your life
said we would never lie
and it took a miracle to reveal
that instead of light ... there was a sky

He bends down, tired of carrying the plight
it fell and he imagines
down, down, down

Taken in a million chances
concrete stances, littered with objects
tough, take it all, the experience of the street
it's so serious i'm laughing

spaces taken into manipulation
contemplation of what it means to be
walls constructed, folded into themselves
how long will the walk reveal the form

He bends down, tired of lifting it all
it fell and doesn't settle
down, down, down

When walking away seems seasonable
to accord with the change in weather
to assimilate the brethren
of an ancient skin tone

To reach heights that color seems to miss
to base any conclusions on a rhythm
a lesson to be applied
to take an amendment

He bends down, reflective of having it all
it fell and he pretends
down, down, down

An instance of separation
takes its toll upon us all
to find and decipher any past regrets
as it's seen through the present tense

To take to wild, bearing rituals of precedence
and destroy what's beleaguered, manufactured
all within the minds of men
our way of meeting in the middle

He bends down, satisfied with the strain
it fell and he remains
down, down, down

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