19 May 2010

a bridge to nowhere

walking in-between streets, bars, and bathrooms. shooting pool. concentrating on the feeling of the present. we were visionaries. we made love our focus. circling, repeatedly. conversing into the early morning air, the feeling of breath with a trickle of nostalgia burning the backs of our throats. we overcame our fears of each other and exposed our lives underneath streetlamps, gave up our security for freedom. what a tasteful moment. what this night was for. a choice. between fear and love.

the sun rises before our eyes and the fleeting feeling of understanding makes its last gasps heard. we marvel at the warmth, the light, the moment. and we realize we're crossing paths. but we can't stand on this bridge forever. bridges were made for movement, to travel across. yet we can use them for so much more. for stopping and wondering, and thinking aloud. for balancing between two points, to walk a tightrope. sometimes to fall. to death. bridges are places where sometimes things go to die.

a cure for sadness? maybe. a cure for pain? no. there is no cure for pain. we simply fall prey to the experience of pain. no drug, no feeling, no belief, no conviction, no god can cure pain. we feel pain, we have pain. we live with pain. and that is all. so live with it, and make use of it. mix it with your creative forces to make something beautiful. let the sun rise again in your life.

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