31 May 2010

Where Did The Night Go

Long ago the clock washed midnight away
bringing the dawn
oh god, i must be dreaming

time to get up again
and time to start up again
pulling on my socks now

where did the night go?

should have been asleep
when i was sitting there drinking beer
and trying to start another letter to you

don't know how many times i didn't write again last night
should've been asleep when i turned the stack of records over and over
so i wouldn't be up by myself

where did the night go?

should go to sleep now
and say fuck a job and money
because i spent it all on unlined paper
and can't get past: dear baby, how are you?

brush my teeth and shave
look outside
the sky is dark
think it may rain

where did the
where did the
where did the

-Gil Scott-Heron

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